Something I’ve been thinking about lately: Where is the line between living healthy and making health and natural living a god, or obsession? In all likelihood, having a few unnatural things in your life isn’t going to kill you. But how do you know which things to stay away from, and which ones aren’t worth the fuss?

The purpose of Pure Simplicity is to encourage others to minimize distractions and hindrances to live a fulfilling, purpose-filled life to the glory of God. (Note: If you’re not a Christian, Pure Simplicity is still a great resource for you – the end purpose just differs from yours.) Therefore, I know that if I start to put health, minimalism, or anything else above my faith…then I have crossed that line.

I am certain that the answer is different for different people, but there are some principles can be used to help determine your balance.


Define your purpose and life goals:

Until you do this, you won’t have a clear direction. Defining your purpose helps you to live intentionally, rather than simply reacting to everything that happens. You can write this out in a simple sentence or paragraph. Goals give you a concrete way to live this out. Long term goals can be strengthened and made possible by breaking them down into smaller goals.


Do your research:

Either do your own, or follow some websites or people you trust. Dedicate some time to figuring out which things are worth insisting they be organic or natural. For example, I value clean eating and make most things from scratch (scratch = single ingredient foods, nothing pre-made). However, a few things I have decided aren’t worth making myself right now, like almond milk and crackers). I talk about this balance a lot more Here.


Don’t be tricked into becoming an alarmist:

An alarmist is someone who loves to “sound the alarm” about anything and everything. It’s similar to conspiracy theorists (No offense if you are one!). While there may be some truth to the things they are afraid will happen, it is likely an overreaction. even if you have good intentions, going through life stressing about the next bad thing won’t do anyone any favors.

As it relates to health issues, it’s easy (at least for me) to become carried away with avoiding anything unnatural. It’s good to a point, but its important to keep it balanced. I love to read and learn new things, but when I notice myself obsessing over details and neglecting larger life issues, I know I need to take a step back.


Evaluate new information:

As you journey through life, new health information will undoubtedly come to your attention. Remember to evaluate it just as you have researched past information, or look to a source you trust for guidance.


The short answer to the initial question is probably “no”: Not everything unnatural or inorganic will kill you. However, some things may, and especially if you add many of them together. Invest your mind in finding the difference, apply your heart to deciding what matters, and persist in living out an intentional, healthy, and balanced lifestyle.

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