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Welcome to Pure Simplicity!

What is Pure Simplicity?
Pure Simplicity is your online resource for living the natural and un-stressful lifestyle we were designed for. On this site, there are numerous blog posts about various health and living issues, such as Why having less gives you more of what matters. There are also guides and step by step tutorials, like this one on How to Declutter Your House. In addition, I post recipes for food, home-made cleaning products, and more!

Who Is Pure Simplicity for?
Pure Simplicity lifestyle can be beneficial for absolutely anyone reading. That being said, the largest portion of members are moms and/or wives who are seeking the best lifestyle for their families. If you are a busy (possibly overwhelmed) mom and/or wife, looking for simple, healthy answers…then Pure Simplicity is just for you! Many of our members are also Christian or religious in some sense, although that is in no way a requirement 😉 In any case, if you wound up on this page you probably have at least somewhat of a similar mindset to Pure Simplicity, so read on!

Where do I begin?
Maybe you’re already living a healthy, simple lifestyle, or maybe you’re new to many of these ideas. Either way, sometimes it can be overwhelming! I definitely didn’t switch to natural products and a simpler lifestyle overnight. It’s been a very gradual journey, so don’t feel like you must do everything at once. I have put together this step-by-step guide to simplify and naturalize your life. Or, just scroll down to find a category you would like to start with! Or, use the search bar to look for something specific. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, have a question, or have a post suggestion/request, use the contact form to submit your idea!

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